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Quest Diagnostic Data Breach

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach

Quest Diagnostics is reporting that their payment processing service AMCA suffered a data breach. Quest believes that this has affected 11.9 million customers. The hackers stole payment information including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and cardholder names. They also were able to steal some medical information, although it is unclear exactly what was taken.

At this time no notifications have been sent to affected customers. If you believe you have used your credit card for services at Quest you may be affected. Further, if you do eventually receive a notification from AMCA then you can be sure your information was taken. Our experienced data breach attorneys are standing by to help you understand your options and to mitigate the impact of this breach on your life.

AMCA operates as a payment processor for many medical companies. Lab Corp is one of the companies that uses AMCA. 7.7 million customers of Lab Corp had their private information stolen as a result of the breach at AMCA.

Quest released a statement on June 7, 2019 that this breach only affects customers who had their bills sent to collections. If you had a bill in collections from Quest or LabCorp your information may have been compromised.

We are currently investigating this matter as a Class Action Lawsuit. If you have believe you have been affected please contact us.


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